March 2012 – Sitting Spinal Twist.

Tough Love

Tough Love **** It has to be the hardest thing I have ever done. It seemed easier with my older son, maybe because I was younger. My daughter, who is 23 years old, is in the throes of an abusive relationship with a coward of a man. She is no marshmallow or push-over, but men are just more phycially intimidating than women. He is verbally abusive – although he sounds like the “eddie haskell” kinda guy from “Leave It To Beaver” when the parents are around. She has had him arrested twice for abusing her (i.e. head-butting her and slinging her across the room by her pony-tail). Who does that Shit ??
Most recently (night before last) she called at 2:30 am and was going to come stay at home (she lives in her own apt) because she couldn’t stand it anymore. Changed her mind !! ?? So of course, much later, they end up in another fight. Saavy roomate puts her arm inside the door of the bedroom and got a video of this guys STANDING OVER my daughter, telling her he is going to “KILL HER, I WILL MURDER YOU”   I took one look at that video and my blood pressure instantly skyrocketed.  Of course I called the police and explained what was happening and that this is the 3rd occurrence of domestic violence between them
After calling the police, they dispatched someone over there immediately. AND THEY LET THE GUY GO !! Just told him to stay off the property from now on.

AND GUESS WHAT ELSE !! I’m the bad guy. My daughter is mad at ME for calling the cops. Go Figure !!  And she is having a Pity Party for this guy !!  I guess I just don’t understand this situation.  Why would you want to be with someone who says that to you, even JUST ONE TIME. 

So as hard as it will be, I am going to have to do this AGAIN. Tough Love is tough.   When the phone rings in the middle of the night, I will have to let it ring.  Or better yet put it on Silent.  Like I said…Tough Love is Tough…….AND is sucks !!

Sitting and thinking about how much is going on in everyone’s life.  With all the tech-savvy inventions, it seems like we are spinning around and around in this virtual land.  Nothing is ever private; we hear things as soon as they hit CNN New Update and all of these little emails get sent out to all of these little email addresses with the “CNN Breaking News” moniker.  It seems like one hits my email box about 3-4 times a day.  And then we have all of these different email addresses…one for work, one for Facebook (to avoid all the notifications), one for home….It is endless.  Just keeping up with your passwords is a major chore.

Looking forward to a little piece n quiet on the lake next week for Spring Break.  Can’t wait for some R&R, just sitting out on the porch, with my book or my Kindle, watching the fish jump and the birds fly by. 

Check in again in a few days.

Maps of the Human Heart

Maps of the Human Heart.

Very nice article and great pictures.  Love the pictures


One Awkward Year

Allow me to deviate for a moment from our regularly scheduled programming of embarrassing stories and general ridiculousness to pay a tribute to a woman  whose death has caused me a surprising amount of grief: the inimitable Whitney Houston. Despite what some might call a mild obsession with celebrity culture, I’ve never before felt truly upset upon learning some famous person had passed away. But last night, hearing that Whitney had died, I was absolutely struck to the core.

Some of my greatest memories are set to a Whitney Houston soundtrack.

My friend Nichole had Whitney’s Greatest Hits album, this massive, amazing 2-disc collection featuring all of her standards from I Wanna Dance With Somebody through her jaw-dropping rendition of The Star Spangled Banner which, truly, is the way the song is meant to be sung. Trapped at Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key dreamed of a day when his words…

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This is a really good blog that I follow. Awesome news about the Gluten Free Thin Mint Recipe. I have two grand-daughters and a son-in-law that have celiac disease, in varying degrees.

Free Range Cookies

“What’s a record?” asked a niece.

Finally, something I know about.  Not kidding here.  I’ve been helping with homework for the past couple of months and here’s what I’ve learned: I am NOT smarter than a fourth grader.  Lattice multiplication?  Honestly.

We headed to the basement for a trip back in time.  Before too long, I started waxing nostalgic about unusual food that my mom used to make.  She also had a thing for Girl Scout cookies and would buy hundreds of boxes each year.  Hundreds. Mostly thin mints that promptly went into a basement freezer. Of course, that was back in the day before BOTH of us were diagnosed with celiac disease.

Regular Girl Scout cookies are off limits now, but before anyone starts thinking, “poor you for missing out” – I was very lucky to get diagnosed.  Stayin’ Alive is awesome.  My mom, however, is…

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This is a great site.  Some really creative ideas here about decorating.  Great pictures as well.  I love the shelves on the wall that hold your favorite books.  What a clever idea.