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Bitz and Pieces of Life

As the new year begins, I thought I would start this blog about our new Life.  My husband recently retired from the Elevator Industry.  After 30 years of service in the Elevator Industry.  Local 31 was really good to this family, but now it is on to another portion of our Life.

As I am still working full time, sometimes I find it VERY DIFFICULT to get up and out of bed in the mornings.  We are trying to concentrate on several new aspects of our life, getting our retirement years planned out and ready to enjoy. 

First and foremost in our minds in enjoying our three grandchildren.  Three grand-daughters who have brought so much joy into our Life.  After raising three children of our own, we had no idea the Joy we were in store for once we starting wearing the Moniker:  MeeMee and PawPaw.

Secondly, we own two homes – ONE OF WHICH has to go in the next three years.  Our lifelong home in Katy, Texas will be getting a make-over this year in the hopes that we can make top dollar when the market gets back on track.  Hubby’s job is to do all the many Honey-Do’s that I have ready for him.  We also own a house on Lake Livingston which is our dream home.  We have work to do there as well, so between the two homes, do ya think we’re gonna be busier than a one-armed paper hanger. 

So, I am beginning this journey in the hopes that I can stay sane during this fairly stressful time.  Maybe get some opinions on decorating (I hate it) and just venting.    Please feel free to comment and give opinions where you feel they are needed.  All advice is graciously accepted and valued.

So Here’s to Retirement !!  This should be interesting.

See ya in a few



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